FRANCE WINE - Your Partner for French Wine Sourcing
A joint effort from wine lovers

France Wine is the result of a joint effort from several French vineyards to bring the best value and a superior service to all our customers (importers, distributors, retailers and restaurants) around the world. We act as an outsourced export department for our numerous winemakers so they that the may focus on the art of winemaking. 
We are facilitators for wine importers around the world.
France Wine exports wines from the greater Bordeaux region, Gaillac and Bergerac, Beaujolais, the Loire and Rhone Valley.
Our members share the same philosophy that vine growing is an art that must be done with passion, each carefully respecting the terroir of their region to create very unique wines.
Whether you wish to export French wines, import French wines, or need wine professional assistance for your projects,  France Wine is your partner for success.
sharing our passion for wine with customers around the world

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