FRANCE WINE - Your Partner for French Wine Sourcing
"In a very competitive market, we need to work with professionals able to answer our needs immediatly. France Wine team is an ideal partner that maximizes our sourcing efforts and allows us to work with top producers. They are always available for us while the procducers work in the vineyard, this is the right solution. They are responsive and understand the business, it's much appreciated for us."
JP Bourgeois, Bourgeois Family Imports
"Through France Wine we enjoy the expertise of a dynamic export team, the possibility to share experiences and benefit from a network between wine makers, while keeping our autonomy. Recruiting an export manager was too expensive, France Wine was the ideal solution for us. Within 6 months time we have already found two new US importers. This is just the beginning to a longlasting relationship with France Wine!" 
Arnaud Delaire, owner of Château Pas de l’Ane
 "France Wine is the perfect partner for us, giving us a chance to export our wines despite our small scale business. It is a great opportunity to boost international sales while we continue focusing on our wine making."
Nicolas Baptiste, owner of Domaine de la Serre
"Thank you for organizing the tasting of your portfolio during my last visit in Bordeaux. Visiting Chateau Du Pas de L’Ane in St Emilion was a real treat and I was very impressed with the quality and value of the wines presented by France Wine. The variety of your Selection will allow us to meet a lot of our needs with one stop.Thank you again and we look forward to working with you."
Thierry Hénot, Blue Ship LLC Wine Import-Distribution, San Diego