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Domaine la Croix des Marchands & Château Palvié
South West - Gaillac
La Croix des Marchands is located close to the village of Montans. Here vinegrapes were grown already in the Gallo-Roman era. Château Palvié is situated between Gaillac and Cordes in Cahuzac sur Vère. The vineyard was acquired by the Bezios family in 1999. The vinegrower conducts supervised control on his vineyard, allowing a perfect conservation of taste and aromas of the different grapes varieties.
All of the wines are of the appellation AOC Gaillac
Typical grape varities from the Gaillac area are grown at the estate, such as Mauzac, Len de l'El, Braucol and Duras. 
Hermouet Vineyards, Fronsac and Bordeaux Supérieur
The 37 hectares vineyard is planted between the Fronsac Appellation (Château CLOS DU ROY) and Bordeaux Supérieur (Château ROC MEYNARD). Based in Saillans, the vineyard benefits from a fantastic soil where Mr Hermouet mainly grow Merlot since 1987.
Fronsac, home-based of the famous wine consultant Michel Rolland is one the most underated and best value in Bordeaux.
Château Belles-Graves
Lalande de Pomerol
Vines have been cultivated in the area of Drouilleau in Pomerol since the Middle Ages. As Domaine Drouilleau was acquisitioned by the Theallet family in 1938, it got a new name: Château Belles-Graves. Today Xavier Piton, Mr. Theallet's grandson, is the manager of the estate. The surface of the estate was initially 11 ha and is currently 17 ha. The production of this authentic and unique Pomerol wine has thus increased during the years. The wines produced at Château Belles-Graves reflects the terroir combining complexity and harmony with elegance.
Château Masburel, Bergerac and Montravel
Masburel was founded in 1740 by the Consul of Sainte-Foy to King Louis XV of France.  The chateau remained the residence of top royal administrators up until the French revolution. Over the centuries, the vineyard had become established within a particular controlled appellation, Montravel, whose chief function is to produce the top Bergerac wines grand crus.
Chateau Masburel was bought by Olivia and Neil Donnan in 1997, and over one third of the vineyard was replanted with the best grape varieties. In 2008, the Donnan family decided to take a well-earned retirement. The estate was acquired by an Englishman, Julian Robbins, a passionate wine connoisseur, who is determined to perpetuate the Masburel quest for top quality.
Château Pas de l'Ane
Saint-Emilion Grand Cru
Arnaud Delaire and Nicolas Baptiste, bought the estate in 2001. Château Pas de l’Ane and Château Petit Pas, two Saint Emilion Grand Cru, were born to offer the ultimate pleasure of the right bank area.

Château Grand Français
Bordeaux Supérieur Bio

This medieval city, now classified as UNESCO Patrimony, is located between the Libournais and St Emilion. Organic agriculture has allowed this forgotten beauty to flourish proudly, and is one of the rare producers to offer a great organic wine. 

Gérard Brognion Champagne

Produced by the Brognion Family, this small property is found on the mountain of Reims. Using several types of grapes, pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay, the Family Brognion has been able to develop their range of champagnes.